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Christiaan Weijts

Christiaan Weijts (b. 1976) studied Dutch and Comparative Literature in Leiden and worked as a journalist for Mare, the Leiden University weekly. He has published Sluitingstijd (2003), a collection of his columns which appeared on the back page of Mare every week. He also wrote columns for the student magazine Sum. His first novel was Art. 285b. The book was highly acclaimed and shortlisted for the 2006 AKO Literature Prize.

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This author's Radio Book:

Christiaan Weijts
The day Juliet Capulet wrote back

Christiaan Weijts' Radiobook, The day Juliet Capulet wrote back, is a story within a story with a surprise ending.

> Translated by Michael O'Loughlin, read by Chris Chambers.

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