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Author Title
Abdelkader Benali My father's photo album
Adriaan van Dis Hoë Besoek (AFR)
Anna Enquist The Musician
Anne Provoost Looking into the sun
Anne Vegter Odin is asleep
Annelies Verbeke It exists
Arthur Japin What Kwaku Knows
Aukelien Weverling The Song of Aunt Magda
Bart Koubaa The final judgment
Bart Moeyaert Kellerkatze
Benno Barnard The pendant
Bernard Dewulf The Back
Brink Scholtz Passing (EN)
Chris Van Camp People like us
Christiaan Weijts The day Juliet Capulet wrote back
Christophe Vekeman Father is peeing on the whole bloody thing
Clark Accord The creation
Désanne van Brederode The outsider's view
David Nolens The Contemporary
David Danish The lonely martyr
Diane Broeckhoven A man of bronze
Diane De Keyzer The full apron
Dimitri Verhulst Who drank Hector Hernandez?
Ellen Ombre On my way
Eric De Kuyper The wrong newspaper - a travel story
Erik Vlaminck Oversized domestic waste and the neighbours
Erik-Jan Harmens Love
Erwin Mortier What Is Past Is Just Beginning
Fouad Laroui The little impostor
Geert Van Istendael Three poets of the permanence of poetry
Geertrui Daem Worthless
Hafid Bouazza Mockingbird
Hafid Bouazza Spotvoël (AFR)
Hassan Bahara Life in flat block number 5
Hassnae Bouazza Bifi
Hella S. Haasse A pitcher from Arelate
Herman Brusselmans Coma
Herman Koch A Brief History Of Deceit
Hilde Van Mieghem The French chef
Ivo Michiels Amandine, or a thousand letters of love
J. Bernlef La Promesse
James Cairns Ossewa Mulaudzi (EN)
Jan Lauwereyns Song of the lake
Jan van Aken The coward's crusade
Jef Aerts Dog Rose
Jeroen Olyslaegers God is quick to punish
Jeroen Theunissen The Distance
Joke van Leeuwen Die vurk as mens (AFR)
Joke van Leeuwen The fork as a human
Joseph Pearce Legacy
Josse De Pauw Narcissus Flycatcher
Kader Abdolah Forgotten songs
Kamiel Vanhole The Garden
Karin Amatmoekrim We are not great
Kees 't Hart The pigeon
Kees 't Hart Die duif (AFR)
Khalid Boudou The city must know everything
Kris Lauwerys A Journey and Two Declarations of Love
Kristien Hemmerechts Honey
Kristina Goikoetxea Langarika Twelve hours is a long time
Kurt Egelhof Band on the run (EN)
Leo Pleysier Ascension day
Lieve Joris Bollieke
Luc De Vos The Birds
Marc Reugebrink Brass and Us
Marja Pruis A Woman of Principles
Mark Boog Reno
Maxim Februari Rage
Menno Wigman Kaputnik (AFR)
Nadia Dala The Angel
Naema Tahir The simple life
Naima El Bezaz Taboo
Naima Albdiouni Ice-creams at Easter
Nelleke Noordervliet The apostate
Nilgün Yerli Feelings without frontiers
Niq Mhlongo Betrayal in the wilderness (EN)
Oscar van den Boogaard We are all astronauts
Paul Mennes The Proposal
Peter Verhelst Legion
Peter Terrin For the Sake of Peace
Philippa Yaa de Villiers Remapping the world (EN)
Rachida Lamrabet Frog
Rashid Novaire Returning
Rodaan / Al Galidi February at Schiphol
Rodaan / Al Galidi Tango with goat
Ruth Lasters The Connector: a modern fairy tale
Said El Haji Ptooey!
Sana Valiulina Summer in Zantiadi
Saskia De Coster Pulling a crocodile by the tongue
Sevtap Baycili No age
Stefan Hertmans Star of salvation
Stephan Enter Instincts
Stijn Vranken Living Shouldn’t Get to be a Habit
Sus Van Elzen White patches lost on the plain
Thomas Verbogt Whisperers
Tjitske Jansen There was once
Tom Naegels Arusha
Tommy Wieringa Complex A
Tommy Wieringa Kompleks A (AFR)
Wanda Reisel The Art of Delivering a Love Letter
Willem Van Zadelhoff Corvus Corax
Yves Petry The Old Man and the Prize

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