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Radiobooks South Africa - 'Kompleks A' - Tommy Wieringa


To mark the Stellenbosch edition of citybooks, Rentia Bartlett-Möhl has translated twelve Dutch-language Radiobooks and citybooks into Afrikaans and had them recorded in South Africa by professional actors. Kompleks A is the translation of Tommy Wieringa's Radio Book Complex A.

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Since 2004, deBuren, located in the centre of Brussels, has been the place in the European capital city where the culture of the Low Countries – the Netherlands and Flanders – has remained alive and kicking. The Flemish and Dutch governments together took the initiative of founding the Flemish-Dutch House deBuren as a cultural institution and as a place for debate and reflection where people are happy to both listen and talk to one another. deBuren is intended to provide a forum for the art, culture, society and politics of the Low Countries and Europe in the heart of the Belgian capital.


Vlaams Nederlands Huis de Buren Radio Netherlands The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature

Radio Books

Radio Books are stories by Dutch and Flemish authors written and read aloud on commission to deBuren. They are new stories which have been specially written to be listened to and not to appear in print. Radio Books last between 20 and 30 minutes. The stories are read aloud by the authors in front of an audience once only. In addition, Radio Books are broadcast on the radio and distributed via the internet, where they can be listened to or downloaded free of charge. Radio Books are a nostalgic product of the present age. A new distribution technique via the World Wide Web is linked to one of our oldest traditions: storytelling.

Radio Books in translation

The Radio Books are also being translated in collaboration with Radio Netherlands Worldwide and with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Brussels and the Dutch Literary Production and Translation Fund. The stories are being translated into, and recorded in, English, French, Spanish, Indonesian and Papiamento. Radio Netherlands Worldwide then broadcasts the Radio Books throughout the world. The translations are also available free of charge on the internet. At the moment, you can already listen to or download Radio Books in Spanish, English and French via the internet.