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Benno Barnard
The pendant

In Benno Barnard's Radiobook, The pendant, a lonely descendant of an old family falls for the charms of a poorly paid but accommodating young housekeeper. An heirloom in the shape of a sparkling red antique pendant plays an ill-fated role in this story, which reminds us of the atmosphere in the works of Oscar Wilde.

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Benno Barnard

Benno Barnard (b. 1954) made his debut as a writer with romantic-cerebral poetry in 1981. His later anthologies are more sober in tone and reveal an historical pessimism. Following his adaptation of John Dryden's All for Love (Liefdeswoede, 1993) he wrote four of his own verse dramas. Mevrouw Appelfeld (2007) is his first work for the stage in prose. Bernard's prose work is a mixture of essays, stories, polemic and autobiography, such as in the 'genealogical autobiography' Eeuwrest (2001). In 2006 he published the collections Het tongbotje. Gedichten 1981-2005 and Dichters van het Avondland, in which he describes the history of the twentieth century through ten European poets. Benno Barnard has won various important literary prizes.

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