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Bart Moeyaert

In Kellerkatze, when their superiors suddenly leave, the servants of a noble family are suddenly confronted with a mysterious cigar box with apparently ominous contents. In this Radiobook Bart Moeyaert manages to keep the reader in suspense right to the very end of the story.

> Translated by David Colmer, read by Ginger da Silva.

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Bart Moeyaert

Bart Moeyaert (b. 1964) has been a writer since 1995 but is not only a novelist. In 2003 he made his debut as a poet with Verzamel de liefde. He has also written various scenarios and plays. He is also increasingly appearing on stage; sometimes as a writer/reader – as in Broere – and sometimes as a narrator, as in De Schepping; occasionally he also performs as an actor, such as in Bremen is niet ver. Moeyaert has been nominated three times for the international Hans Christian Andersen Award, for which he was a finalist in 2002. He has lived in the centre of Antwerp for twenty years. His last novel, Dani Bennoni (lang zal hij leven), was published in September 2004. In January 2006 he was appointed city poet for Antwerp for two years.

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