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Willem Van Zadelhoff
Corvus Corax

Corvus Corax is a Radiobook by Willem van Zadelhoff. It is a moving story with plenty of irony and humour, in which the main character thinks back to his favourite uncle, a troublemaker who not only caused upset but also injected some life into the family.

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Willem Van Zadelhoff

Willem van Zadelhoff completed his teacher training at Arnhem Drama School in 1982, after which he worked in a gallery, theatre and as a television scriptwriter. His first novel, Een stoel, was published by Uitgeverij Meulenhoff | Manteau in 2003. In this book, which was highly praised in the Netherlands and Flanders, he describes the origins of the first metal tube cantilever chair with no back legs (the 'freischwinger'). This was followed in 2006 by Holle Haven. Architecture also plays a central role in this book. Willem van Zadelhoff has lived in Antwerp since 1993.

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