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David Danish
The lonely martyr

In The lonely martyr we meet the 12 year-old son of a political refugee from Iran. When his father goes to the front to fight the Iraqis he leaves the boy and his mother behind. His father is absent for longer than expected and there is no contact between him and his family. Consequently his wife and son believe he has been killed. Suddenly he returns very much the worse for wear and filled with disappointment that he did not die a martyr's death. As he has largely lost the power of speech he starts to write. Although his writing is successful in Iran, the ayatollahs consider it too critical. He dreams of picking up the thread far away in the Netherlands. However, once there, he and his family end up in the endless maelstrom of seeking asylum and the official procedures associated with it.

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David Danish

David Danish (b. Teheran, 1966), is a writer, journalist, reporter and expert on the Middle East. He started his career as a journalist and correspondent for newspapers in Teheran.  In 1990, when the political situation in Iran deteriorated, Danish fled to the Netherlands, where he continued to work as a journalist. In 2006 he published his first novel, Een goede dag om te sterven (a good day to die), which is partly based on his own experiences at the front during the Iran-Iraq war.

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