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Mark Boog

In Reno the first-person narrator reports sick for one day to escape the drudgery of the work he does in a large shed where he has to move packages from A to B without knowing why. Once he is outside he experiences the city as massive, hostile and dirty. The difference between this and the workplace appears to be alarmingly small. ‘The street, a conveyer belt, did not falter for a single minute and there were hardly any open spaces. Somewhere highly efficient, work was being carried out, probably by someone who enjoyed it, and somewhere else half-finished products were removed from the belt and thrown into large containers which were then stacked high. The supply appeared to be inexhaustible. I was not curious about the end product.’

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Mark Boog

Mark Boog (b. 1970) wrote the poetry collections Alsof er iets gebeurt (2000, C. Buddingh' Prize 2001), Zo helder zagen we het zelden, Luid overigens de noodklok and De encyclopedie van de grote woorden. He also wrote the novels De vuistslag, De warmte van het zelfbedrog and De helft van liefde. In 2006 he won the prestigious VSB Poetry Prize for De encyclopedie van de grote woorden.

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