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Ruth Lasters
The Connector: a modern fairy tale

In the Radiobook entitled The Connector by Ruth Lasters the main character – who becomes attached to people with exceptional speed – becomes a tourist attraction.

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Ruth Lasters

Is a poet and a novelist and an up and coming literary talent in Flanders. Her poems have been published under the titles of Lava, Deus ex Machina and EnErIs. In addition to this she publishes poems in the quarterly e-zine Stroom¸run by the Antwerp poetry activist François Vermeulen. In January 2005 her poems were included in the 21 dichters voor de 21ste eeuw collection (Uitgeverij P). Ruth Lasters' prose has been published in Deus ex Machina, Ché and in the collection entitled Mooie Jonge Honden published in October 2003 by Van Halewijck. Her first novel, Poolijs, was recently published by Meulenhoff | Manteau.

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