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Sana Valiulina
Summer in Zantiadi

Zlatka and her new lover Nik are in the Mediterranean resort of Zantiadi. Soon after their arrival it is clear that their relationship will not last. They soon get on each other’s nerves and decide to go their separate ways. When Zlatka goes for a walk and falls asleep on a river bank she wakes up to find a strange young man beside her. He asks her to meet him there again at eleven o’clock that night for an evening walk and Zatla hesitatingly agrees.

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Sana Valiulina

Sana Valiulina was born in Estonia, the daughter of Tartar parents, and studied philology and Norwegian in Moscow. Here she met her Dutch husband and in 1989 moved to Amsterdam to live with him. It was here she wrote her first novel – in Dutch – Het kruis, and later her collection of short stories, Vanuit nergens met liefde. In 2006 she made her breakthrough with the novel Didar en Faroek, which was shortlisted for the Libris Literature Prize.

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