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Sevtap Baycili
No age

Geen Leeftijd is Sevtap Baycili’s story about physical age and spiritual youth. Many years ago she discovered that her mother’s spirit was in fact younger than her own. At a certain point the unavoidable aging process makes her realise that she too is getting older and she finds this difficult to accept. Body and mind are more united than we sometimes like to admit.

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Sevtap Baycili

Sevtap Baycili (b. Istanbul, 1968) is a writer and philosopher. She has lived in the Netherlands since 1991. In 1998 she published her first novel, De Markov-keten. This was followed a year later by De nachtmerrie van de allochtoon, a black comic satire about multicultural society written in the form of a pseudo-scientific treatise. Apart from this she has also written three plays which together form the triptych Reductio ad absurdum. Her latest book is entitled Donderpreken, aforismen over Nederland, in which she attacks several preconceptions and misunderstandings which have recently taken hold in the minds of the Dutch. Sevtap Baycili regularly contributes to Contrast, Trouw and Vrij Nederland.

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