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Tom Naegels

The writer, poet and columnist Tom Naegels relates the disturbing holiday story of the young white European, Axel, who ends up spending an hour with a Masai woman one night in a hotel room in the Tanzanian town of Arusha.

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Tom Naegels

Tom Naegels (b. 1975) made his debut in 1997 with Het heelal in!, a collection of short stories which immediately received a great deal of press coverage. Since then he has published the novels Meester Kader (1999), Walvis (2002) and Los (2005). The latter won Naegels the Gerard Walschap Prize, thereby confirming his status as a young literary talent. The book was filmed, longlisted for the 2006 Libris Literature Prize and is being reprinted for the 9th time.

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