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Clark Accord
The creation

The Bijlmer, Paramaribo, Güell Park, Schlossgarten and so on. Clark Accord's Radiobook is a poetic story in fragments in which a homeless man pictures his homeland of Surinam and his wanderings through Europe. He remembers the enormous contrast between the cold concrete of the Bijlmer and the warm sepia of the street in Paramaribo. But his daydreams are disturbed. In the park that has become his home, young artists are working on a cryptic project of which he has unintentionally become a part.

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Clark Accord

Clark Accord was born at Paramaribo in Surinam on 6th March 1961. He moved to the Netherlands at the age of 17. He then worked successively as a nurse and an internationally successful cosmetician before publishing his first novel, De koningin van Paramaribo, in 1999. Tussen Apoera en Oreala was published in January 2005 and his third novel, Bingo!,was published in 2006. Accord sadly passed away at the age of 50, in 2011. At the time he was working on his fourth novel.

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