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Ellen Ombre
On my way

The main character in the Radiobook, Nimrod Groen, looks back on his childhood years spent in Surinam, where he was born the son of a Jewish father and a much younger Creole mother. His mother died giving birth to her second child and in the aftermath of the December killings and the unstable situation in Surinam his father decided to leave and return to Amsterdam. It was here that Nimrod spent the rest of his youth. When it appears that his father is incurably ill, images of the past inevitably loom up. Although he and his father have never been really close, after the death of his father Nimrod's life takes a new turn.

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Ellen Ombre

Ellen Louise Ombre (b. Paramaribo, 8th December 1948) is a Dutch writer of Surinamese descent. The most important motif in Ellen Ombre's stories – in Maalstroom (1992) , Vrouwvreemd (1994), Wie goed bedoelt (1996) and Valse verlangens (2000) – is relocation: which is what happens when someone from one culture finds themselves in another, fundamentally different culture. She develops this theme in her first novel, Negerjood in moederland (2004). The book is based on the extremely complex family relationships so typical of the Caribbean. The past of the main character, Hannah Dankerlui, a descendant of Negroes and Jews, meanders constantly through her mind and greatly influences much of what she does.

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