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Rashid Novaire

In the Radiobook by Rashid Novaire, a VOC ship arrives on the Gold Coast in Africa. One of the crew members is welcomed with open arms by a woman who turns out to be a member of the local royal family and who seems to have been expecting him for a long time. However, as he does not speak the language, it is not clear what she expects of him. Nevertheless he enjoys the good fortune that has come his way in the hope that it will bring him gold or merchandise. However it proves to be a misunderstanding with disastrous consequences.

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Rashid Novaire

Rashid Novaire was born in Amsterdam in 1979 to a Dutch mother and Moroccan father. He began writing stories and poems in elementary school. When just fourteen years old he presented his work at Poetry International Rotterdam. At seventeen, he was awarded the El Hizjra Literature Prize for young authors of Arabic descent. Two years later his first collection of short stories was published: 'Reigers in Cairo' (Herons in Cairo). Novaire's first novel 'Maïsroest' (Corn Rust) was nominated for the prestigious Libris Literature Prize in 2004. His next novel, 'Het lied van de rog' (Song of the Skate), is an epic story set in 11th century BC China. He spent six months in China doing research for the book.

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