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Fouad Laroui
The little impostor

Mehdi is a boarder at the French grammar school in Casablanca. It is Christmas and all the boys are collected by their families with the exception of Mehdi. His family doesn't seem to care about him and he hasn't seen or spoken to his mother for months. When the principal asks him who his best friend is he makes up a friendship with a blond French boy in his class. The boy's father is filled with pity and goes along with the deception; Medhi is allowed to spend the Christmas weekend with the Berger family. Through his deception he discovers a new way of life. Finally he has to choose between his old and his new world.

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Fouad Laroui

Fouad Laroui was born in Morocco and went to Paris in 1979 to study. Following a period of research at the universities of Amsterdam and York he settled in Amsterdam. In 1996 Editions Julliard published his first novel, Les dents du topographe, which received the 1997 Prix Albert Camus in France. A year later his second novel, De quel amour blessé, received the 1998 Prix Méditerranée 1998. His novels, stories and poems have also been translated into Dutch and since 2001 he has also written and published work in Dutch.

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