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Herman Brusselmans

'Provocation is my hobby,' says Belgian author Herman Brusselmans. The so-called ‘angry young man' of Flemish literature often includes autobiographical elements in his best-selling novels. His quirky story Coma is no exception. Famous writer Herman Brusselmans sets off to surprise his wife Tania by dropping in on her at work. Along the way he ruminates about his life, his dogs, his literary rivals and other odd digressions...

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Herman Brusselmans

Born in Hamme, Belgium in 1957, Herman Brusselmans studied English and Dutch at the University of Ghent. After a short but successful career playing football, he worked as a librarian before turning to writing full-time in the early 1980's. His influences include work by Gerard Reve and American author J. D. Salinger. Since his 1982 debut collection of stories ‘Het zinneloze zeilen' (Senseless Sailing), Brusselmans has published more than 40 books. Alcohol, sex and boredom are recurring themes in his work.

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