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Nelleke Noordervliet
The apostate

A clash of religious beliefs is an important element in Nelleke Noordervliet's story for Radiobooks. A mysterious young Dutchman living in New York City in the 1960's befriends his neighbours - a newlywed couple grappling with a serious problem.

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Nelleke Noordervliet

Nelleke Noordervliet (b. 1945) made her debut with Tine of De dalen waar het leven woont (Tine or The Valleys Where Life Lives, 1987), a fictionalized biography of the wife of nineteenth-century Dutch writer Multatuli. She further published the novels Millemorti (1989), Het oog van de engel (The Eye of the Angel, 1991), De naam van de vader (The Name of the Father, 1993), which was awarded the Multatuli Prize and nominated for the European Literature Prize, Uit het paradijs (Paradise Lost, 1997) and Pelican Bay (2002). Noordervliet also writes short stories, essays and criticism. In Altijd roomboter (Always Real Butter, 2005), a blend of memoir, historiography, fiction and essay, she sketches her great-grandmother’s life and times.


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