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Hilde Van Mieghem
The French chef

Belgian actress and director Hilde Van Mieghem has won many accolades for her work in film. Her Radiobooks story marked her literary debut. The story has a strong cinematic structure moving both forward and backward in time. It's about a woman who's been rewarded for her hard work with a luxury holiday at a gastronomic hotel in Provence. But events spiral out of her control after an evening of celebration and too much champagne.

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Hilde Van Mieghem

Hilde Van Mieghem (Antwerp, 1958) made her screen debut in Hugo Claus's 1981 film drama Friday. She has since appeared in many Belgian movies and television series, as well as playing an anarchist in Steven Soderbergh's film Kafka. In 1997 she wrote and directed her first film De Suikerpot (The Sugar Bowl) - a short which won awards at numerous international film festivals. Seven years later she wrote and directed her first feature length film The Kiss (in Dutch: De Kus) - a psychological thriller about a 16 year-old girl drawn into prostitution by her boyfriend. The film featured her actress/daughter Marie Vinck in the leading role and Van Mieghem herself played the mother of her daughter's character.

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