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Jeroen Olyslaegers
God is quick to punish

Belgian author and playwright Jeroen Olyslaegers has been called the enfant terrible of Dutch literature. Film is an important inspiration in his work. In his Radiobooks story an alcoholic film producer has a disturbing vision of the future. His latest project has been rejected by the Film Fund and his wife is about to leave him.

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Jeroen Olyslaegers

Jeroen Olyslaegers (1967) studied German philology at the University of Antwerp. With a passion for theatre, he's been involved in numerous productions as writer, translator, actor or director. His play ‘Mood on the go' is based on the life of Oscar Wilde. He also adapted three scenarios by Russian film-maker Alexandr Sokurov into a theatre work called ‘Wolfskers' in which Lenin, Hitler and Hirohito are losing their grip on reality. Olyslaegers' 1994 debut novel ‘Navel' is full of references to the visual language of film and video, specifically the work of Italian film directors Federico Fellini and Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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