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Hassnae Bouazza

Moroccan-Dutch journalist Hassnae Bouazza is no stranger to controversy. Her newspaper columns provoke strong reactions. For Radiobooks, she writes a gentle story about a young girl and her persistent but undesirable suitor.

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Hassnae Bouazza

Hassnae Bouazza was born in 1973 in the small village of Oujda in northeast Morocco near the border with Algeria. At the age of four, her family joined her father who was working in the Netherlands. Bouazza studied English literature at the University of Utrecht. As well as writing columns for several Dutch periodicals, she has worked as a translator and television programme maker. She also edited a collection of short stories about strong Arab women called 'Achter de sluier' (Behind the Veil). The anthology addresses the prevailing cliché image of Arab women in the Netherlands.

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