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Luc De Vos
The Birds

“Now, 30 years later, the son of a leader has become the new great leader. He was already Mayor of Aalbeke, succeeding his father. He had been elected with a monster majority. Nobody could stand up to these people. These people were afraid of no one. Shouldn’t someone like me stand up in order to finally make those people afraid, not with words but with deeds? A great deed, a good deed, a deed of the Word, of my Word, the Word of the way, the truth and the life.”

The story explains the background to an incident between a priest and a politician. In 1978 the priest taught music and religion at a school in Aalbeke when first introduced to the “blond boy with his curly head” who would become his country’s leader.

'The Birds’ by Luc De Vos was translated by Michael O’Loughlin. It’s read by Chris Chambers.

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Luc De Vos

Luc De Vos was born in Wippelgem near Ghent in 1962. The youngest of seven children, at the age of ten he decided he wanted to be a pop musician. In 1990 his group Gorky came in third at a Belgian talent contest and the following year released their first album which included the hit song ‘Mia.’ The group split up in 1993 but De Vos continued his success under the name Gorki. He made his official literary debut in 2001 with a series of three autobiographical novels, the first of which was called ‘Het woord bij de daad’ (The Word with the Deed, or idiomatically: ‘Put your money where your mouth is’) followed by ‘De rest is geschiedenis’ (The Rest is History) and ‘De volksmacht’ (The People’s Power). His novel ‘De laatste mammoet’ (The Last Mammoth) was published in 2006.

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