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Erwin Mortier
What Is Past Is Just Beginning

Mortier presented his contribution for Radiobooks in Antwerp on World Book Day in April 2009. It’s a contemplative and very personal ode to books and those who read them.

and in the delight of the reader the book flaps its wings with pleasure, as when you see someone again unexpectedly. The heart leaps up, the throat becomes dry, the roots of the hair send tremors over the skin… Books do not change the world, the world changes our books, turns us into different writers and readers.”

What Is Past Is Just Beginning by Erwin Mortier was translated by Michael O’Loughlin. The story was read by David Swatling.

Produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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Erwin Mortier

Erwin Mortier's first novel ‘Marcel’ was published in 1999 and won numerous awards including the Flemish Debut Prize. The book has been translated into several languages. An English edition translated by Ina Rilke is published by Vintage. Mortier’s second novel ‘Mijn tweede huid’ (My Second Skin) has also been published in English and once again the story is told through the eyes of a child. In November 2009 Mortier’s latest novel ‘Godenslaap’ (Divine Sleep) received the AKO Literature Prize, one of the most prestigious Dutch literary awards.

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