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Marja Pruis
A Woman of Principles

In Pruis's contribution for Radiobooks, the past intersects with the present when a young woman travels with her lover to Venice. This is the city where her mother left her family years ago. Memories are stirred as the woman wonders whether she should try to reconnect with her long lost mother.

“You still don’t care much for pizza. For you, twenty years later, the taste of melted cheese and tomato still instantly evokes an intense sense of loss. That look in your mother’s eyes as she looked at you over her virtually untouched pizza, before she supposedly went off to the bank around the corner to get some money - you wouldn’t see that look again until three years later on your grandfather’s face the evening before he died. A look somewhere between despair and resignation.”

A Woman of Principles by Marja Pruis was translated by John Nieuwenhuizen. The story is read by Jacky Spears.

Produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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Marja Pruis

Born in Amsterdam in 1959, Marja Pruis studied Dutch and languages at the University of Amsterdam. After graduation she wrote about art and literature for the newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer, where she is now an editor. Inspired by American journalist Janet Malcolm’s book about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, in 1999 Pruis published her own literary investigation into the lives of Dutch writer A.H. Nijhoff and her husband, poet Martinus Nijhoff, who lived a bohemian lifestyle in the first half of the 20th century. She followed this with her first novel ‘Bloem’ (Bloom) in 2002, an impressionistic and experimental story about sex and lust. Her second novel ‘De Vertrouweling’ (The Confidant) was nominated for both the AKO Literature Prize and the Anna Bijns Prize.

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