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Marc Reugebrink
Brass and Us

In his Radiobooks story Brass and Us Reugebrink puts a modern spin on the ancient myth of Marsyas – the flute-playing satyr who challenged the Greek god Apollo. The Apollo Brass Band is the pride and joy of a small village. But perfect harmony is threatened when a boy named Marc Suys resolves to become a member of the band.

“It moved us, this harmony, this blending of timbres, this stirring wind… Out of the windows of the low reception hall behind the Star Café-Restaurant, notes ascended that seemed at the same time to settle over the village like a bell-jar. Women stood still, head slightly tilted, hand on throat or heaving bosom. Men looked up and took a deep breath. Children stopped their game and panted. And even after the last notes had died away, it was often as if the music played on, and transmitted its vibrations to everything that made our village what it was and ought to be.”

Brass and Us by Marc Reugebrink was translated by Michael Blass and read by David Swatling.

Produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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Marc Reugebrink

Marc Reugebrink debuteerde in 1988 als dichter met Komgrond (Van der Hoogtprijs 1989). In 1991 volgde Wade. In 1998 verscheen Wild vlees, zijn eerste roman. Datzelfde jaar vertrok hij naar Gent, waar hij nog steeds woont en werkt. In 2002 verscheen de essaybundel De inwijkeling en in 2004 Touchdown, zijn tweede roman. Voor de roman Het grote uitstel kreeg Reugebrink in 2008 de Gouden Uil.

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