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Peter Terrin
For the Sake of Peace

The recently divorced Frederic Malfait seems unable to discourage increasingly annoying calls from a persistent telemarketer.

“He heard the vehemence in his voice when he told her he wasn’t interested… It was true that he had said three times that he hadn’t got time and that she could ring him again at a different time. It was true that she had been patient. It was all true. But he simply wasn’t interested in the advantages of  independent health insurance. That was also true.

The fact that the woman had rung him up four times with great patience didn’t alter that. After a short silence she said that he could at least have the politeness to let her finish. He said that in that case she would just be wasting both their times. He said she should ring someone else. He said ‘Goodbye, Madam’ and put down the receiver.”

For the Sake of Peace by Peter Terrin was translated by Michael O’Loughlin. The story is read by David Swatling.

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Peter Terrin

Peter Terrin was born in 1968 and studied at the University of Ghent. In 1996 he won a short story competition and two years later made his official literary debut with a collection of stories called ‘De Code’ (The Code.) With themes of alienation and psychological oppression, his work has been compared to French writer Albert Camus and Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans.

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