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Naima Albdiouni
Ice-creams at Easter

These days it’s difficult to turn on the television or radio or read a newspaper in Europe without being confronted with something to do with Islam and its current impact on western life. It appears to be monopolising and polarising the political debate. But what about the impact of westernisation on Muslim countries and the counter force of radical Islam?
It’s this that Naima Albdiouni is focusing on with her story for Radiobooks. It’s set in Morocco as the country prepares for a visit by the Sheik of Qatar – a visit which highlights stark differences and is the catalyst for potentially catastrophic events.  

“Arab heads of state were invited to see the country, to inspect it and make an offer for whatever had caught their acquisitive eye. Everything was for sale, everything and everyone had a price tag. In the name of progress. The Sheik of Qatar, for example, had bought  a stretch of beach  nine kilometers long on his last visit. He had grandiose plans, intended to install there luxury hotels, designer boutiques, casinos, discos, to give the city a more exclusive, international air. Like a completely renewed, young, beautiful body which was eaten up by a parasitic tumour.”

‘Ice-creams at Easter’ by Naima Albdiouni  was translated by Michael O’Loughlin. The story is read by Chris Chambers.

Produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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Naima Albdiouni

Naima Albdiouni was born in 1981 in Antwerp. She is a columnist for De Standaard newspaper and works as an editor for a publishing company. She is also a translator of French and Spanish. Her publishing debut was made in an anthology of new short stories by Flemish writers in the book ‘Read and Approved’ and was a jury member on ‘The Colour of Art’ in 2005, a literary competition of the cross-cultural youth organisation Kif Kif. Albdiouni’s first novel ‘Voyeur’ was published in 2009.

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