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Wanda Reisel
The Art of Delivering a Love Letter

Wanda Reisel, who is famous for novels such as Het blauwe uur, Het beloofde leven and Baby Storm, reads her story, The art of delivering a love letter, in which an eccentric young man, orphan and child of artists, wanders aimlessly through the streets of the metropolis as a postman.

> Translated and read by Michael Blass

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18/10/08 16:00 Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
19/10/08 21:00 Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

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Wanda Reisel

Wanda Reisel was born in CuraƧao in 1955 into an anarcho-liberal doctor's family. In 1986 she made her debut as a prose writer with the collection of short stories, Jacobi's tocht. In 1988 she published her first novel, Het blauwe uur. Her novels Baby Storm (1996) and Een man een man (2000) were both nominated for the Libris Literature Prize. Reisel also writes plays and scenarios for film and television. In 2003 her film Dwaalgast won a Golden Calf for best short TV drama at the Dutch Film Festival. Her latest novel, Witte liefde (2004), was one of six works nominated for the 2005 AKO Literature Prize. She regards writing as a craft in which sentences are especially important: 'A sentence must have a result and in fact you leave something out between two sentences.'

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