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Oscar van den Boogaard
We are all astronauts

Oscar van den Boogaard's Radiobook, We are all astronauts, is about a man who concludes a period in his life. He leaves his flat in Montreal and takes a plane to Europe.

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Oscar van den Boogaard

Oscar van den Boogaard (b. 1964) lives in Berlin, Antwerp and Brussels and grew up in Surinam and the Netherlands. His first work, Dentz, was published in 1990. This was followed by his first successful novel De heerlijkheid van Julia (1995), which he describes as 'a declaration of love for Flanders', Liefdesdood (1999), Het verticale strand (2005) and Magic man (2007). In 2003 Van den Boogaard was invited by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst to live in Berlin for a year; he is the first Dutch writer to have been invited since Cees Nooteboom in 1989.

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