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David Nolens
The Contemporary

In The Contemporary we meet the eternal seventeen-year-old William, who sleeps during the day and lives according to the laws of the night. A story about life in the third person and about working on one's own myth.

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David Nolens

David Nolens (b. 1973) is the son of the poet Leonard Nolens and made his debut in 2003 with his novel Vrint. Prior to that, his stories, which Paul de Wispelaere praised as 'mysterious and impressive', had been published in Yang and Sampel magazines. The anthology entitled Mooie jonge honden. Nieuw Vlaams literair talent revealed Nolens as one of the most important voices of a new generation of Flemish writers. In 2005 Nolens published the fairy-tale short story, Het kind.

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