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Tommy Wieringa
Complex A

Complex A is the Radiobook by Tommy Wieringa. About the vicissitudes of a small businessman who is arrested in China and charged with fraud. He ends up in an obscure, Kafkaesque situation.

> Translated by Sam Garrett, read by David Swatling

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Tommy Wieringa

Tommy Wieringa (b. 1967) studied history in Groningen and journalism in Utrecht, and had various jobs including that of market vendor and ticket clerk for the railways. He published three novels, Dormantique's manco (1995), Amok (1997) and Alles over Tristan (2002), before his breakthrough in 2005 with his Bildungsroman entitled Joe Speedboot, which was nominated for the Libris and AKO Literature Prizes and the Golden Owl Award. Wieringa was also co-founder and editor of the literary magazine Vrijstaat Austerlitz. In the music group Donskoy he experimented with poetry and music. For the VPRO he wrote the scenario for the short film Laatste wolf. Ik was nooit in Isfahaan (2006) is a collection of his travel stories. In 2007 Wieringa was guest writer at Delft University of Technology.

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