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Hella S. Haasse
A pitcher from Arelate

During the ten years that Hella Haasse lived just north of Paris, she was a regular guest at the Institut Néerlandais in the rue de Lille. It was here, on 27th October 2006, that the 88-year-old writer was expected to read her Radiobook. A large audience gathered to hear Hella Haasse read out the story, Een kruik uit Arelate. It was an unforgettable evening. However you can still enjoy the experience in a different way by listening to the podcast of this Radiobook.

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Hella S. Haasse

Hélène Serafia Haasse was born on 2nd February 1918 in Batavia (now known as Jakarta) and died in Amsterdam on the 29th September 2011. Her 'Indonesian' native land has always influenced her work. Following a short career on stage, after the war she began to write. Her short story Oeroeg proved to be a major breakthrough. It won her the short story competition held by the CPNB in 1948. Many literary awards followed, such as the Constantijn Huygens Prize in 1981 and the P.C. Hooft Prize in 1984. Haasse is especially well known for her documentary historical novels such as De scharlaken stad and Heren van de thee.

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