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Saskia De Coster
Pulling a crocodile by the tongue

In Pulling a crocodile by the tongue, Emily Longes receives a mysterious telephone call from a woman she doesn't know. The woman appears to know her, however, and what follows is the beginning of a very personal conversation which seems to have an almost hypnotic effect on Emily, who is a rather lonely person. Only after some time does she manage to tear herself away from the tenacious stalker. But then the conversation has some unexpected results…

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Saskia De Coster

Saskia de Coster (b. 1976) started to write at the age of two after which she took a long break before making her publishing debut in 2002 with Vrije Val. This was followed two years later by Jeuk and in 2006, Eeuwige roem. She was nominated for the 2007 BNG Literature Prize. Her stories were included in Mooie Jonge Honden and 25 onder de 35. 'Big deal' is the title of her column in De Standaard newspaper. She is a member of the editorial staff of Dietsche Warande & Belfort and is also active in the fields of theatre and video.

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