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Christophe Vekeman
Father is peeing on the whole bloody thing

Ralph Koorman, 35 years old, is spending a weekend with his four year-old son and wife Suzy Dansaert in Paris. Suddenly he is sick of everything. To his own amazement and to the horror of his wife he changes into an unpleasant character in an attempt to regain his manliness. However he achieves the complete opposite.

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Christophe Vekeman

Christophe Vekeman (1972) has written four books: Alle mussen zullen sterven (1999), Iedereen kan het (2001), a collection of short stories, Wees maar niet bang (2002), and Een borrel met Barry (2005). Vekeman writes columns for De Morgen newspaper and the men's magazine Maxim. He is known as a gifted performer. He has appeared in Saint-Amour, De Nachten, Geletterde Mensen and Zuiderzinnen.

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