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Radiobooks in South Africa

James Cairns
Ossewa Mulaudzi (EN)

James Cairns offers a satirical look at the new South Africa using a clever narrative and a cell phone conversation between two lovers. This story is very pertinent to present-day South Africa and questions of remapping, identity and rewriting history.

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James Cairns

James Cairns is a scriptwriter and actor who lives works in Johannesburg, South Africa. His stage work is known for it's comedic interaction with the malleable identities that contemporary South Africa produces and Ossewa Mulaudzi is his first attempt at prose. After graduating at Rhodes University in 1998, he taught dramaturgy and performance at Free State University in Bloemfontein. After some wayward years working in bookshops and teaching English in the Far East, he began his writing and acting career in earnest in Johannesburg in 2004.

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