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Radiobooks in South Africa

Joke van Leeuwen
Die vurk as mens (AFR)

To mark the Stellenbosch edition of citybooks, Rentia Bartlett-Möhl has translated twelve Dutch-language Radiobooks and citybooks into Afrikaans and had them recorded in South Africa by professional actors. Die vurk as mens is the translation of Joke van Leeuwens Radio Book De vork als mens

Voorgelees deur Rika Sennett
Vertaal deur Rentia Bartlett-Möhl
Redigering deur Amelia de Vaal
Klank en opname deur Tim Pringle

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Vlaams Nederlands Huis de Buren


Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen published her first children’s book in 1978. Since then she has published a series of children’s books for young and old, which have been translated into many languages and have received many prestigious awards.  Joke van Leeuwen has also written a few books for adults and regularly appears on stage with programmes in which she combines cabaret, literature and visuals.

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